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June Steenkamp's readiness to forgive offers a challenge to Christians everywhere

kalantri on Family - The trial of Oscar Pistorius is dominating the headlines and brought with it much contention.

The South African athlete, a world-class Paralympian blade runner and the first ever double-amputee to participate in the Olympic Games, stands charged with the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp - a world away from the glory of London 2012 less than a year.

Pistorius claims he shot her by accident, mistaking her for an intruder. The prosecution say he is a hotheaded killer who murdered his girlfriend in a moment of anger.

Amid all the controversy surrounding the trial, the victim's mother, June Steenkamp, has stunned the world by saying she has forgiven Reeva's killer.

In an interview with ITV, June said: "I'm not a person who hates another person. One has to forgive, otherwise I will sit with all that anger...One has to forgive, but we'll never forget."

She was echoing her words on the Today show, in an earlier interview during which she contended that Pistorius "made a mistake – an enormous mistake – and I've lost the most precious thing in my life – my beautiful daughter. But I can still forgive. I can forgive."

Her words have shocked much of the world as more of the heartbreaking case comes to light through the trial. Pictures capturing the moment that June broke down during the trial have been widely circulated, as she was forced to face her daughter's harrowing last moments once again.

So how has she managed to forgive the man who killed her daughter?

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