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Snubbed wife won't forgive her brothers-in-law

forgiveness on Family - Dear Amy: More than 30 years ago, my fundamentalist parents did everything they could to prevent my wife and me from marrying (we were atheists).

My brothers kept neutral or sided with my parents. My wife would have nothing to do with them after we were married.

My parents are now gone. My brothers tried to be nice to my wife, but she resists. I visit my brothers' families by myself.

I understand her position, but I feel she should let bygones be bygones. This is the only bone o

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Kathy Scharlau shares her story of forgiveness

forgiveness on Family - FORT MYERS, Fla.- Forgiveness is a powerful action, and one that takes a lot of courage. That's exactly what a mother did after losing her daughter in a drunk-driving accident. She forgave the man responsible.

Kathy Scharlau stopped by the studio today to tell us more about Meagan Napier's story and the foundation created for her, along with a special event taking place right here in Southwest Florida.

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I’ll never forgive my ex for putting our child in danger

forgiveness on Family - A BRAVE mum who rescued her abducted daughter from war-torn Syria plans to go into hiding once her story hits the big screen.

Dubliner Louise Monaghan dodged shellfire, dealt with double-crossing people smugglers and risked death by stoning in a daring bid to be reunited with little May in 2011.

Irish firm Epos Films has now snapped up the rights to her personal account about the terrifying experience.

Yesterday Louise, 38, told of her hope that a movie version of the book Stole

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Mother of slain woman wants to forgive attacker - Nation | The Star Online

forgiveness on Family - BUKIT MERTAJAM: The mother of a young woman who was stabbed to death on Valentine's Day at her home in Alma, near here, is ready to forgive her attacker.

Siew Yeow Kim, in her 50s, conveyed this to Bukit Mertajam MP Chong Eng, who was present at the woman's home in Taman Hwa Seng where a Taoist priest conducted the final rites on Tan Ching Chin, yesterday.

“She (the mother) wants to forgive him (the assailant) and wants the police to release him,” Chong said.

Siew was too distraught to

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He killed my boys but I forgive him

forgiveness on Family - When her sons were killed in an accident with a cement truck in Tampines, Madam Suliani Ang pedalled furiously to the scene, only to see their broken bodies next to their mangled bike.

Recalling the traumatic episode, she breaks down in her first full media interview with The New Paper on Sunday.

But, she says, her anger at the driver has turned into forgiveness - because he must be suffering too.

SINGAPORE - It's a day she will never forget. Ever.

It was around 7pm last Monday even

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Sexual abuse survivor finds peace in forgiveness

forgiveness on Family - Heck was 6 years old when she said she was sexually abused by her father and at 8 by her uncle. Although she told her mother immediately about the abuse by her uncle, she kept the secret of what her father was doing to her until she was 14.

Her parents had divorced when Heck turned 10 and were living in different homes. However, during visitations with her dad the abuse continued. It wasn't until she began acting out in school, physically fighting with other children, that Heck finally told

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Boynton mother preaches forgiveness less than a week after her... |

forgiveness on Family - It has been less than a week since Victoria Flores Zavala last saw her youngest sons alive.

Police said the boys’ father, Isidro Zavala, strangled the boys last Saturday, telling his estranged wife she would be forced to suffer their loss. Then he killed himself.

But the Boynton Beach mother seems ready to forgive.

During Friday’s funeral services for Eduardo, 12, Marco, 11 and Isidro Zavala, 45, Victoria Zavala made no mention of the tragedy, choosing instead to remember the good thin

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