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Letter of forgiveness moves Caroline court

forgiveness on Love - It had more sentimental value to Grace and Caleb Donnelly than anything else in the world—besides the Caroline County couple’s wedding rings.

It was a Cartier love bracelet that she bought in her hometown of Manilla, the capital of the Philippines.

She couldn’t really afford it, but Grace wanted Caleb, who served in the Marines, to have something that represented her love for him.

The $9,500 bracelet had an engraved message: “You will always be in my heart wherever you go. I love you so much Caleb. Grace.”

“I had that engraved to remind my husband that I will always love him and that I am the last thing he should worry about while he is deployed in Iraq,” she said. “That was a piece of me that I want him to have with him all the time, to give him motivation to come home unharmed.”

Here’s an excerpt from one letter:

“I do not wish to receive any reimbursement, but I want you to hear what I have to say.

We are not rich, we have debts to pay and we certainly do need that money, but we don’t want to add to your burden. We’d rather see you succeed later on and not worry about what you’re supposed to pay off I do want to tell you this though Before you do anything and know that it will hurt or cause any pain to someone else, do not do it. Always choose to do the right thing. Be the strong person that you ought to be. Life is too precious to be wasting time harming people.

Despite of what you guys did, I have already forgiven you with or without an apology Life isn’t that bad when you do what is right. I will be praying for you.”

Grace, 32, said she thought a lot about the three men who broke into her home.

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