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Anger and Forgiveness in Martin Moran’s All the Rage - The Brooklyn Rail

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - Rail: What kind of questions would you say interest you?

Moran: Questions like, what is forgiveness? Why do we hurt each other? What is reconciliation? How do we move on from things that cleave us? These are the questions I always seem to come back to in my work. I’m just exploring them on deeper and deeper levels.

Rail: And were there solo performers who’ve inspired you along the way?

Moran: Well, you.

Rail: Nice of you to say.

Moran: No, really. Your work inspired me tremendously. Your unique and vivid story sense, your loving rendition of characters. The same is true of David Greenspan. I saw his work, and I remember thinking: he’s so idiosyncratic. And it takes such courage to be that idiosyncratic—in public. He inspired me because I’m always wondering if I’m being understood, is the story clear? David gave me permission to just trust the work.

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