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Burglar begs for, and receives, forgiveness from minister

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LYNN — A judge ordered a mental-health evaluation for a city man police say broke into a family’s home early Saturday, threatened to kill the residents, and then — after learning one of the victims was a minister — broke down and begged for forgiveness.

“I don’t know how I got the strength, sir, but I put my hand on his shoulder and said ‘I forgive you,’ and I asked, ‘Can I pray for you?’” April Leone, a minister at Community Tabernacle of Deliverance on Western Avenue, said Tuesday afternoon.

“He left with nothing,” Leone continued. “But five minutes later, the cuckoo came back in knocking on the door. At that point, I had no other choice but to call police.”

Jose Reyes, 56, of 10 Fayette Court, was arrested and charged with armed assault in a dwelling, five counts; assault and battery with a dangerous weapon; witness intimidation; threat to commit a crime, five counts; receiving stolen property +$250; and armed burglary; at 6:33 a.m. Saturday.

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