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Chris Brown and forgiveness in American culture

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - It should come as no surprise to anyone who takes even the occasional glance at the covers of the tabloids in line at the grocery store that R&B singer Chris Brown has found himself in court once again after breaking the terms of his parole. Brown reportedly did not complete a single hour of the community service he was sentenced to following his brutal attack on singer Rihanna, his girlfriend.

This comes two weeks after running away from the police after Brown and his entourage fought fellow singer Frank Ocean over a parking spot in a recording studio in Los Angeles, injuring Ocean in the process. Ocean, one of the only openly bisexual artists in hip-hop, alleges that Brown called him homophobic slurs as part of the events leading up to the fight. LA police are investigating the incident, only because Brown chose to flee the scene.

And of course, there is the aforementioned attack on Rihanna. The photos of the aftermath are incredibly disturbing and horrifying. In the Good Morning America interview following the incident, Brown threw a tantrum and tore his dressing room up. A couple of years later, Brown got a neck tattoo of a woman’s beaten face and had the gall to claim that it wasn’t inspired by Rihanna. Their relationship makes Ike Turner look like a kind, gentle soul and makes Tina Turner look sane and well-adjusted.

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