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Is it time to give Chris Brown the forgiveness he demands? Hell no | Gigwise

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - At Gigwise we don't like Chris Brown very much. But this isn't simply because he beat Rihanna into a bloody pulp in 2009, turning the then-fledgling r&b singer into an international hate figure.

Neither do we dislike Chris Brown for apparently 'faking' the community service he was forced to serve after the incident. We don't dislike him for having a tattoo on his neck which bears a striking resemblance to a woman's beaten face. Our dislike isn't down to him dressing up as a Taliban fighter for Halloween and it isn't due to his homophobic remarks about Frank Ocean and the subsequent brawl that took place in Hollywood recently.

Hell, we don't dislike Chris Brown for churning out some of the most godawful eurocrap in recent years and topping the chart with terrible songs such as 'Turn Up The Music'.

Even vile incidents such as his repulsive sexual threats against US comedian Jenny Johnson wouldn't raise much more than a few raised eyebrows and rolling of eyes round these parts, had it been any other star.

We could shrug all that stuff off. It really wouldn't bother us.

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