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Golden Rule inspired woman to forgive after near-death experience

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - Sr. Camille: We who live in the New York area remember with horror the teenager's prank that almost took your life and, in many ways, changed it. Would you please describe what happened to you in November 2004?

Victoria Ruvolo: I went out that night to see my 14-year-old niece perform with a band of older musicians. Despite her age, they thought she was good enough to sing with them. Thank God, my dear friend Lou Erali came with me that night. It was raining when we left the concert at about

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Chicago-based Orthodox Church leader to step down

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - The Chicago-based head of the Orthodox Church of America is officially resigning Monday.

Bishop Matthias has been on a leave of absence since allegations of "inappropriate communication with a woman" came to light in August 2012.

In a letter to parishioners, the 64-year old bishop asked for forgiveness and the national church asked him to step down in March.

Matthias would have marked his two-year anniversary as leader of the church in Chicago and the Midwest this week.

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Oxford’s Biggar shares thoughts on Christian love and forgiveness

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - After his talk at Davidson College Monday night, Oxford University theologian Nigel Biggar took questions from the audience and one woman asked: Is it understandable to be angry and seek apologies from God if a family member is severely ill, or after a natural disaster?

It would be “appropriate if it was honest,” he replied.

That question and others like it were at the center of Biggar’s lecture, titled “Christian Love and Forgiveness in the Context of Human Conflict,” hosted by the Vann

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Shooter, victim work together to teach prisoners about forgiveness, life-long impact of crime

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - INDIANAPOLIS - Twenty years ago, Misty Wallace was using a payphone when Keith Blackburn walked up and shot her in the face, point-blank.

"As soon as I hung up the phone, I was lying on the ground. I didn't know what hit me," Wallace said. "The bullet went down through my esophagus, severed my carotid artery and bounced up and lodged in between my muscle and my top two vertebrae were shattered."

Wallace was a high school senior with a full-ride scholarship. Blackburn was a drop-out lookin

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Catholic Church scandal: Cardinal O'Brien asks forgiveness of those he 'offended'

forgiveness on Miscellaneous -

Cardinal Keith O’Brien, formerly Britain’s most senior Roman Catholic cleric, has admitted his sexual conduct had “fallen beneath the standards expected of me”.

The Northern Ireland-born cleric stepped down from his post as Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh last month, a day after three priests and one former priest made allegations of “inappropriate” behaviour against him.

He is now expected to face a Vatican inquiry after a new Pope has been chosen.

After initially denying t

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Pasadena arson victim: 'I'm not quite willing to forgive'

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - S. Nicholas Daugherty wipes soot from a bottle of embalming fluid and says the arson fire that burned his Pasadena office could have been worse.

Cases of formaldehyde, bleaching agents and chemical preservatives could have exploded along Mountain Road.

He fears that was the plan of whomever set fire to the embalming room of his funeral home.

“Whoever did this is not right,” he said. “I don’t hate them — I don’t want to carry that burden. But I’m not quite willing to forgive.”


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Forgive me! - Construction CEO

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - The CEO of one of the construction companies implicated in collusion on Thursday ask South Africans for forgiveness.

The Competition Tribunal wrapped up a two-day hearing and started assessing the R1.4 billion settlement agreement reached by 15 firms and the Competition Commission.

The commission’s original probe uncovered widespread anti-competitive behavior in the industry, including tender-rigging in projects worth more than R47 billion.

The projects included the construction of the

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Hindus seek forgiveness at Ganges & Yamuyna rivers

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - ALLAHABAD, India – It’s hard to fathom that people from all over India and the world come to bathe where the Ganges and Yamuna meet. The confluence of the two rivers is muddy and gray, laden with diseases and parasites.

Yet, this spot is considered holy – or at least it is during the Kumbh Mela festival in the city of Allahabad.

Hindus believe that bathing in the water cleanses their sins.

According to Hindu myths, the gods and the demons once fought over the nectar of life, spilling s

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Bishop Gandiya: "Forgiveness biggest challenge for Zimbabwe Anglicans"

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - Anglican Bishop of Harare the Rt Revd Chad Gandiya has said that forgiveness still remains the biggest challenge for Christians in his diocese after years of "living in exile”.

Bishop Gandiya said: “People are very happy to have returned to their churches but they are still hurting. The church needs to find new ways of teaching on healing and forgiveness.”

The Bishop was referring to the pain suffered after breakaway bishop Dr. Nobert Kunonga and his supporters grabbed church properties i

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Forgiveness Friday: Forgiveness Speaks For Itself | Land of a Thousand Hills

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - Forgiveness Wins campaign means so much more than a cool slogan on a coffee mug or a t-shirt. It represents the greatest reality that exists today, the best news that has ever been shared. Forgiveness really does win. From the forgiveness that I’ve experienced in my own life, to the forgiveness that we have seen demonstrated through the stories of our coffee farmers, forgiveness is alive and well. These farmers have witnessed and fought through the worst genocide since the Holocaust and are cho

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