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Vindicator should forgive, forget past transgressions of Kerrigan

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - Vindicator should forgive, forget past transgressions of Kerrigan

I write about Pat Kerrigan, a former Youngstown municipal judge, who was convicted for wrongdoing for acts that occurred over 20 years ago. Pat Kerrigan and I are lifelong friends, and he also happens to be my nephew. I also know him to be a man of faith, integrity and compassion for his fellow man. My views are shared by many others.

On July 21, The Vindicator ran a story on Page 1 of the Sports section describing how 63-year old Pat Kerrigan has been playing competitive volley- ball for many years at the downtown YMCA. This year, his team will be competing for the third time in the National Senior Games in Cleveland. It was a great story, discussing the importance of physical activity in general, and the competitive spirit among Pat’s fellow senior teammates at the “Y.”

Yet, in the middle of that story, sticking out like a sore thumb, was an unnecessary and totally irrelevant paragraph about Pat’s criminal activity of many years ago. The volleyball story had its own legs, but that one paragraph actually detracted from its main message.

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