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I may forgive Oscar Pistorius one day if he is telling the truth, says father of murdered model, Reeva Skeenkamp

forgiveness on Sports - As murder suspect and Olympic champion Oscar Pistorius spends the first days with his family after being granted bail by a South African court, the father of his murdered girlfriend Reeva Skeenkamp said he may forgive the famed ‘Blade Runner’ if he is telling the truth that he killed the model and law graduate in error.

"It doesn't matter how rich he is and how good his legal team is. He needs to live with himself if he lets his legal team lie for him," her father Barry told the Afrikaans-language daily Beeld. Pistorius has assembled some of the best legal brains in South Africa to defend his case.

"He'll have to live with his conscience. But if he's telling the truth, I may forgive him one day," Steenkamp's father said. But "if it didn't happen as he described it, he should suffer. And he will suffer... only he knows," the grieving parent added.

Pistorius's family has sent flowers and a card to the Steenkamp family after son was released on bail, but June Skeenkamp, Reva’s mother scorned at the flowers and card saying, "what does that mean? Nothing,"

The Paralympic icon on Saturday said he was thankful for prayers offered to his family and that of his slain girlfriend, a day after he was freed on bail.

"Thank-you to every person that has prayed for both families, Oscar" read a tweet posted by his brother Carl, in the track star's first public reaction, outside of his court appearances, since his arrest for the Valentine's Day tragedy.

Pistorius claims he repeatedly shot at and killed his lover by mistake thinking she was a burglar.

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