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How great it is to be forgiven!

kalantri on Articles - Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me, I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see.

Have you ever made a mistake in your life? There are a few people I know who will say they never have but I can honestly say there has only been one perfect person on this earth and it was through His example that amazing grace was revealed in a personal way. A blind man, considered sinful and worthless by the so-called perfect people of the day, yet the one perfect Man,

Mahaffey: A gift for Jesus Christ

kalantri on Articles - “The Christmas scene is so varied: frustrated fathers poring over directions written in failed English while trying to assemble toys packaged by someone who miscounted the nuts and bolts; bleary-eyed, bone-weary mothers desperately sewing after hours to finish a dress; a child neglecting an expensive gift in favor of something surprisingly simple; elegant, carefully applied wrappings being torn quickly apart as if they were an obstacle instead of part of the gift . . .” — Neal A. Maxwell


Before You Forgive Someone | Five Things To Know

kalantri on Articles - 1. You don't have to forgive. Our spiritual leaders (and Facebook feeds) encourage the idea that forgiveness helps us heal — there's that saying, "Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die," which is a fine saying, but it glosses over the fact that anger can be useful; anger can serve as a way of asserting your value, make it clear that someone's behavior is unacceptable. Girls, especially, need reassurance that they don't always have to make nice. (Girls,

Harsh Justice, Mercy & Forgiveness

kalantri on Articles - At the end of the Torah reading, parashat Vayechi, we learn of a baffling encounter between Joseph and his brothers. They prostrated themselves before Joseph and reminded him that their father, Ya’akov,(Jacob) had warned him not to seek revenge.

To this, Joseph answered, "Ha’ta’chat E-lo’kim ano’chi!" — "Am I God’s messenger (agent) in this matter?!"


Where do we find in the Torah that Ya’akov told Joseph not to enact punishment on his brothers?

It would appear quite strang

Christmas forgiveness

kalantri on Articles - Chele wraps our 4-year-old in footie pajamas, snow-coat, a Pendleton wool blanket and Santa hat then snugly packs her into the back seat of our 1987 Ford Taurus. Complaining from the restraint, Heather screams, "I can't move!"

Chuckling from her frustration, my wife and I offer, "Settle down; we are going to look at Christmas lights."

Three months ago our family sleigh lost its source of heat and with little income, feeding my family becomes more important than enjoying the luxury of warm

How To Forgive Yourself ?

forgive on Articles - Okay, you did it. You spent half the month's food budget on a new coat, didn't get to your son's soccer match before the second half, put your mom in a nursing home, and, when the cat's yowling got on your nerves, you—you awful person!—let him outside where he was promptly hit by a car.

Yikes! It's tough to forgive yourself. Your family and friends would never forgive you if they knew half of what you do. Unfortunately, you know the whole. And the sheer awfulness of it rocks you with guilt a

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Try giving the gift of forgiveness this Christmas season

kalantri on Articles - For some people, the holiday season is a time to celebrate and join together with friends and family gift giving, special events, and parties. No doubt these celebrations provide moments of love, joy, and happiness. At least this is what we want to believe.

Unfortunately, many situations can affect the beauty, charm, and spirit of the holidays. The season often reminds some of us of our personal losses like no other time during the year. Those who have encountered loss through death of a s

How to Forgive a Friend

forgive on Articles - I'd never imagined our friendship would end, and certainly not like this. But on an otherwise ordinary afternoon, a scathing missive arrived from one of my best pals: a litany of my flaws and mistakes, along with my most mortifying secrets, amassed over the years we'd known each other and thrown back in my face.

What prompted this vicious e-mail attack? A friendship I'd struck up with someone my close friend—unbeknownst to me—had a brutal grudge against.

For days afterward, I walked aroun

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The absolute power of forgiveness

kalantri on Articles - “I can’t believe he did that.”

“Her words hurt.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever forget.”

You’ve been sinned against. The pain and shame never leave you. If you’re a Christian and someone has hurt you – forgiveness is the only solution that will set you free. If you’re bitter, angry, jealous, spiteful, envious, or holding a grudge – forgiveness is your only hope.

Our typical reaction when we’ve been hurt is to lash out or fight back. Forgiveness is the glue that holds relationships togethe

Forgive and Forget: Forgiving a Wrong Causes the Human Brain to More Easily Forget It

kalantri on Articles - The age-old saying, "forgive and forget," may have some scientific truth behind it. It turns out that if a person forgives someone, they're more easily able to forget the transgression.

"It is well established that learning to forgive others can have positive benefits for an individual's mental health," said Saima Noreen, one of the researchers, in a news release. "The ability to forget upsetting memories may provide an effective coping strategy that enables people to move on with their live