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Add happy pills to your forgiveness box

forgiveness on Articles - I was searching the internet and discovered that if you missed Valentine’s Day you could order a forgiveness basket.

What if you didn’t order a basket, but made up your own? May be a box of stuff. What would you put in your box? How would you know what to put in it and what to leave out?

I could put in the past week’s problems about a sickness that made me not care for the special day.

I could also mention that even though I had all the proper care and flu and pneumonia shots I was flattened from both.

That my body temps were skyrocketing and my oxygen was so low that it hardly registered and my doctor lost no time in sending me to the hospital in an ambulance, no less.

I was really sick and I knew it, but I resisted the trip because I have had some pretty bad experiences while hospitalized. And who hasn’t. It is not where you want to go even when sick and most are not geared for your comfort.

It was if the ambulance was waiting and almost at once I was being lifted on the gurney by two strong young women who skillfully went about the job of buckling me up for the ride.

Times have changed and with changing times we have been blessed with a modern hospital filled with caring and smiling people.

That’s CMC-Lincoln, the one with Excellence as its goal. It comes pretty close with a full staff of competent doctors, nurses and all other support personnel.

Everyone wears a smile. I was the one complaining. It seems as if everything from the short trip to the emergency room where a very kind nurse was waiting was going according to plan. No hitches anywhere as everyone seemed to be quietly going about their work smiling — of course.

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