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Forgive and Forget: Forgiving a Wrong Causes the Human Brain to More Easily Forget It

kalantri on Articles - The age-old saying, "forgive and forget," may have some scientific truth behind it. It turns out that if a person forgives someone, they're more easily able to forget the transgression.

"It is well established that learning to forgive others can have positive benefits for an individual's mental health," said Saima Noreen, one of the researchers, in a news release. "The ability to forget upsetting memories may provide an effective coping strategy that enables people to move on with their lives."

In order to further examine this particular phenomenon, the researchers had participants read 40 scenarios that contained hypothetical wrongdoings. These included infidelity, slander and theft. The volunteers then had to assess whether, as a victim, they would forgive the transgression.

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