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Forgiveness 101: For Stubborn Fools, Charismatics, Addicts & the Rest of Us

forgiveness on Articles - More news and views on the healing of relationships, and the fracturing of the church, in its many forms:

The other day I clicked below my blog on a Wordpress-generated link to an article on spirituality and psychology. It turned out to also be about charismatic Christian practices like fainting in the Spirit, peer pressure, faking it, and “groupthink” (none of which I am going to go into here), but parts of the blog were nevertheless instructive on personal spirituality as well.

I liked most and wanted to say something here regarding this line:

“Being spiritual, in my opinion, is when an individual embraces every facet of their humanity with no apologies, knowing well that their shortcomings are not evidence of God’s absence but rather, evidence of life. True spirituality comes when we understand that in the midst of living, He will never leave us.” (Darin Hufford)

While I wholeheartedly agree with the basic premise of this statement (living without fear or shame regarding our humanity, our own brokenness, or our faith, and knowing God loves us), I also think this “no apologies” advice can also be taken the wrong way – especially now, in the era of “extreme” behavior.

A crude example: when a young man puts a “NO FEAR” sticker on his truck window, then proceeds to run a redlight in his general cluelessness, that’s not something we should condone. Living fearlessly or unapologetically should not be used as excuses for being selfish or stupid.

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