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Forgiveness Expert "Forgiveness: Heal Your Past and Find the Peace YOU Deserve"

forgiveness on Articles - Lori Rubenstein has been on a journey and each of her earlier books has been a stop along the way. Now, with Forgiveness: Heal Your Past and Find the Peace You Deserve, she’s not satisfied with simply moving forward --- she’s seriously determined to pick up the pace!

Popular wisdom enjoys telling us that it’s not about the destination but, rather, the journey itself that’s important. Perhaps. Rubenstein, however, believes that we are each on an evolutionary path that is leading us to our ultimate destination. The author recognizes that we all define that destination according to our own belief system --- and that it doesn’t make any difference what we call it.

So, where are we going? Home. Or, as the author likes to say, “back to love.”

You would think the line to get on board for this trip would be long indeed! And it is. But the journey is not an easy one. Obstacles constantly crop up to block the path --- abuse, neglect, abandonment, rejection and on and on. Love may be on the other side but what if we don’t have the strength to make it through?

“People are floundering. We are bombarded with news about war, terrorism, bombings, and even little children being murdered! How in the world do you find peace and forgiveness when these horrors are constantly in our face?” Rubenstein says that’s exactly why she was guided to write this book. “Even with the horrors around us, the truth is there is still more good than bad, and our vision of the world, how we experience the world, has more to do with our own thought than the news reports.” Through her own life experiences and assisting others with theirs, she has come to recognize the incredible power of the gifts that are granted and received with forgiveness!

“It is my belief that, in this new golden era of ours, the energies into which we are stepping will allow us all to remember who we are at a core level, spiritual beings having human experiences. When we remember this, our thoughts, values, and actions naturally follow. As we change our perceptions and rise above holding onto past grudges, hurts, anger and fears, so do the energies and perceptions of others around us naturally and miraculously also change.”

Forgiveness is the key. It is the difference between struggling over, around or through the issues that can create near paralysis or simply having them dissolve before our eyes.

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