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Leaders Must Master Forgiveness To Suceed

forgiveness on Articles - There are many qualities necessary in a successful leader. They need to be bright, ambitious and competent communicators. But the most powerful leaders have an uncanny ability to build trust and confidence among their followers. They do this most effectively with one simple skill ... forgiveness.

It's easy to build faith among followers when everyone is doing everything right. But people aren't robots and even the best performers will have moments when they will fail spectacularly. It's at that critical point that true leadership shines. The leader who can forgive and rebuild the trust and confidence of the team is the leader who can overcome any challenge or obstacle.

As I contemplate my own transgressions and my ability to forgive on this, the Jewish Day of Atonement, I will focus on the insights below to help me forgive those who fell short of my expectations. Of course I'll start by forgiving the biggest offender ... myself.

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