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Love tips for problem solving

forgiveness on Articles - Relationships are tough. Luckily, Jennifer Angel’s put together some handy tips for working through the problems that come up! From infidelity to forgiveness, she tackles major topics with her signature know-how and charisma. Check out these nine helpful tips for working through your relationship issues!

Is it really important to forgive and forget?

Firstly, everyone can make a mistake, even you, so if the shoe was on the other foot, you would like to be given some leniency, or at least have someone listen to what you have to say, wouldn’t you?

When you hold a grudge, the only person it really affects is you. You don’t want to carry around a big knot of hurt and hate in your heart, not now and not ever. So, forgiveness is necessary on all levels.

1. To free yourself from feelings that can disable you from moving forward or stop you from loving again.

2. To give the other person a chance to redeem themselves to be able to start building trust again.

To forget is not so easy, because even if you do manage to open your heart and forgive for all of the above reasons, you may not forget easily or quickly. It’s a matter of trust and time, and if over time trust can be reinstated, then eventually you will be able to forget.

Life and the relationship we have are precious, think carefully before you throw a union away, without first looking at all angles and outcomes.

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