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Mother's Day an opportunity to thank faithful moms

forgiveness on Articles - Sunday is Mother’s Day, a day where we’ve been officially paying tribute to our mothers in the United States since 1914, almost 100 years. As we grew up, Mom was usually there to calm our fears, encourage us, tend to our injuries, teach us fairness and forgiveness, and provide for countless other needs that we took for granted. Often we don’t gain a real appreciation of all our mothers did for us until we become parents ourselves.

When I first saw the popular movie “A Christmas Story”, I was so touched by the portrayal of Ralphie’s mom and what a stabilizing force she was for the family. Just two examples were her playful coaxing in getting Randy to eat his dinner and the firm, but gentle way she calmed and comforted Ralphie after he got into a fight.

In this generation, moms work tirelessly to make sure their children have good food, enjoy sports, music and other activities, and give their kids whatever they can so they can pursue their dreams.

For me, it was my love of music. I don’t know how my mom tolerated hours of my playing a variety of instruments (badly in many cases), taking me to music lessons and orchestra rehearsals, and having friends over for jam sessions. But after I left home, she told me how much she missed all that music in the house.

This special day is an opportunity to cherish and thank our moms for the many ways in which they have comforted and cared for us. Those of us who are mothers can reflect on the example we set and the precious opportunities we have to nurture our children’s values, health and morals.

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