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Forgiveness Expert "Forgiveness: Heal Your Past and Find the Peace YOU Deserve"

forgiveness on Articles - Lori Rubenstein has been on a journey and each of her earlier books has been a stop along the way. Now, with Forgiveness: Heal Your Past and Find the Peace You Deserve, she’s not satisfied with simply moving forward --- she’s seriously determined to pick up the pace!

Popular wisdom enjoys telling us that it’s not about the destination but, rather, the journey itself that’s important. Perhaps. Rubenstein, however, believes that we are each on an evolutionary path that is leading us to our ult

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The Pain of Forgiveness

forgiveness on Articles - Forgiveness is a form of suffering. Yes, you read that right.

Most of us talk about forgiveness and always speaks of how wonderful it is. But there is a reason so many can’t seem to forgive — it requires a willingness to suffer.

When people commit an offense against us, our natural inclination is to commit an offense against them. Not just any offense, but an offense that is bigger, badder, and one that hurts far more.

We call this revenge.

We tell ourselves that justice has been se

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How To Forgive & Release Past Pain

forgiveness on Articles - Forgiveness is an essential ingredient to releasing and letting go of the past and eliminating the need to re-create pain in our life, which is reflected in our relationships with others.

Forgiveness does not mean ‘letting another person off the hook’. It means 'regaining' ourselves and being free to create the life we want, which includes love, success and happiness.

Who/What Can We Forgive?

forgive yourself,

forgive friends, family,

forgive your spouse - husband / wife,


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Forgive and Forget

forgiveness on Articles - It's not always easy, but the benefits of forgiving -- and 'forgetting' -- can be powerful. Here are some tips.

Many people view forgiveness as an offshoot of love -- a gift given freely to those who have hurt you.

Forgiveness, however, may bring enormous benefits to the person who gives that gift, according to recent research. If you can bring yourself to forgive and forget, you are likely to enjoy lower blood pressure, a stronger immune system, and a drop in the stress hormones c

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Forgiveness is necessary ingredient for a successful marriage

forgiveness on Articles - “A happy marriage is a union of two good forgivers,” said Dr. Frank Finchman, co-author of a report titled “Forgiveness and Relationship Satisfaction” (2011 Journal of Family Psychology, 25, 551-559). He continued, “Forgiveness is a process, not an event.”

He also said that failing to forgive carries a heavy burden that can actually shorten our lives, and if you want to live a long and fulfilling life, you will want to make forgiveness a way of life.

All people have been victimized and ha

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4 Ways to Teach Kids How to Forgive

forgiveness on Articles - Faced with such fury, parents may wonder how they'll ever teach their children to forgive and forget. It's an important lesson: "New studies show that there are concrete and long-lasting benefits to forgiving, including reduced stress, improved physical health, and better relationships," says Richard Fitzgibbons, M.D., a Philadelphia-area psychiatrist.

By age 5 or 6, most children are able to imagine what other people are feeling, which is essential to pardoning them. You can encourage this

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71 pc men forgive cheating spouses

forgiveness on Articles - Men are more forgiving than expected when it comes to infidelity, a new online survey has revealed.

The survey, conducted by the site Survive Her Affair, polled 1,500 men who had been cheated on and found that more than 71 percent of the men still said that they loved their wife after the affair, the Huffington Post reported.

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Forgiveness vs. getting even

forgiveness on Articles - Society today doesn’t really appreciate the concept of forgiveness. In fact, you might say that it is a lost art. Our culture today exalts vengeance. It exalts payback. It even exalts violence. Many people operate by the adage, “Don’t get mad; just get even.”

I once saw a bumper sticker on a car that said, “If you love someone, set them free. If they are yours, they will come back to you. If they don’t come back, hunt them down and kill them.” That is not the kind of person you would want to

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How to Forgive - How to Forgive Those Who Have Hurt You

forgive on Articles - Learning how to forgive others is one of the most unnatural duties in the Christian life.

It goes against our human nature. Forgiving is a supernatural act that Jesus Christ was capable of, but when we are hurt by someone, we want to hold a grudge. We want justice. Sadly, we don't trust God with that.

There is a secret to successfully living the Christian life, however, and that same secret applies when we're struggling with how to forgive.

How to Forgive: Understanding Our Worth


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The Act of Forgiveness

forgiveness on Articles - Of all the religions, it is probably Christianity that emphasizes forgiveness more than any other. I think Jesus got the ball rolling in Mathew 5:38, when he told the people, "You have learned how it was said: Eye for eye and tooth for tooth. But I say unto you: offer the wicked man no resistance."

The Buddhists teach forgiveness by way of compassion. People who hurt others are themselves hurting; practicing Buddhists learn to turn their pain or anger into empathy and compassion. The act of

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