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Without Forgiveness | The 5 Love Languages

forgiveness on Articles - There are no healthy relationships without forgiveness. From time to time all of us do and say things that hurt those we love. Such behavior calls for an apology—and apologies call for forgiveness. Now, let’s be honest, forgiveness does not come easily. The husband who gambles away the money they had saved for a new car cannot expect his wife to be happy. Nor should she expect herself to simply accept his behavior and move on. No, forgiveness is the response to genuine repentance. God does not

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How to Teach a Child Forgiveness | World of Psychology

forgiveness on Articles - Children are often asked to forgive: forgive his sibling for taking their toy; forgive Johnny for pulling her hair at recess; forgive Mom for being late.

When you ask your child to forgive — to say “okay” when someone has said they are “sorry” — does your child really understand what that means? Did they let go of the issue or are they repeating what you are telling them to say?

It is important for children to understand compassion, loving-kindness, and forgiveness. Teaching your child to

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Forgiveness and the Art of Hatred

forgiveness on Articles - The definition of the word "forgiveness" focuses solely on the person being forgiven. It says nothing about the person doing the forgiving. It doesn't say it should be done and it doesn't mention any good or bad that might come of it. This is precisely why the word "forgiveness," and the practice of it, has no place in the process of recovery from abuse of any kind.

Working your way through the myriad of emotions incurred by abuse to arrive at a peaceful place is not forgiveness; it's recove

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Add happy pills to your forgiveness box

forgiveness on Articles - I was searching the internet and discovered that if you missed Valentine’s Day you could order a forgiveness basket.

What if you didn’t order a basket, but made up your own? May be a box of stuff. What would you put in your box? How would you know what to put in it and what to leave out?

I could put in the past week’s problems about a sickness that made me not care for the special day.

I could also mention that even though I had all the proper care and flu and pneumonia shots I was fla

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