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When Last Did You Forgive Someone?

forgiveness on Articles - And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins. (Mark 11: 25)

I WAS with a group of about eight young men and women, recently. They had been experiencing some internal wrangling within their fold. Each had a different story to tell on why things had not been working among them. Each tried to justify his or her actions, deep sense of anger and misgiving. None wanted to take responsibility for obvious lapses. Everyone claimed he or she was right and none wanted to forgive the other.

Forgiveness is one of the core attributes that stand us out as Christians. It is an act of gallantry that elevates us from being just mere humans to true followers of Christ and partakers of the Divine nature. For persons ‘living in the world’, forgiveness is an anathema, a sign of cowardice. But Christians know otherwise. It takes immense courage and maturity to forgive those who wrong us, especially our enemies.

As we journey on in life, there would be occasions when people would trample on our rights unjustly and put our faith to trial. They would try to make us angry and disoriented. What should be our response? We could decide to forgive them each time they offend us and go on with our life or we could choose to harbour grudges and remain embittered.

When we let go crave for revenge, we free ourselves from unnecessary anger, resentment, bitterness, rancour and heartache. By so doing, we open our heart to true growth and development, both spiritually and materially. If we continue to harbour grudges, thereby allowing enmity to thrive, we attract negativity and become weighed down in all facets of life. People who hold grudges are sad people. They often appear depressed and miserable. They radiate aggression and allow the spirit of discord to take control of their life. Such are prone to diseases and suicidal tendencies.

Failure to forgive is behind most strife in relationships. Good friends part ways. Embittered parents disown their children and some children take up arms against their folks. Couples suffer immensely as a result of unforgiving spirit, while numerous homes are ruined because either party won’t say, ‘I am sorry, forgive me,’ or ‘Let’s forget about the issue; I have forgiven you.’

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