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Everyday Grace: Having Hope, Finding Forgiveness, and Making Miracles:9781573222303

forgiveness on Books - What do your spiritual convictions have to do with traffic jams, job anxiety, reading the newspaper, or arguing with your spouse? Everything, according to Marianne Williamson. It is the way we live in our everyday world that determines the shape of who we are. So Buddhist or Muslim, Christian or Jew, it is the moment when our daughter doesn't make the basketball team, or our best friend lands our dream job, or our business instinct tells us to bury the guy across the boardroom table that tests and builds our living faith.

With an attitude of hope, a call to forgive, a celebration of miracles, and the promise of strength and grace, Williamson helps us find our sacred footing on ordinary ground.

No matter where we are or what we're doing, there is the opportunity to be happy, and to be holy. The large and small difficulties of our days challenge us to open our hearts and minds. And in this book of hours, Marianne Williamson teaches us to ride the currents that lurk in each of those moments of opening to a sea change of the soul.

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Although many people may perceive the achievement of mystical union with the divine as an arduous feat, requiring fasting, pilgrimage and mortification of the flesh, spirituality diva Williamson says "thirty minutes each morning" of "quality time with God" will do the trick. The author of Illuminata aims her book of nonsectarian religious consolation squarely at harried professionals who are frazzled by overscheduling and fret over the disasters they hear about on the news. The path to serenity lies in becoming a "modern mystic" who sees that "everything connects to everything" and that "every issue [is] a spiritual one," from dry-cleaning mishaps to the Middle East peace process (which will be resolved when Israelis and Palestinians understand their essential oneness). Readers can even spiritually transcend their wait at the Department of Motor Vehicles, because "every person in line is someone we can bless." In Williamson's rapturous, liturgical prose, oceanic bliss is conveniently tapped into with prayer and by beaming positive mental energy to a universe karmically primed to beam it back. Although Williamson's insistence on the magical oneness of our desires and our external reality may strike some as wishful thinking, her message will continue to bring peace of mind to her many fans.

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