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From Murder to Forgiveness: Azim Khamisa: 9781452542935

forgiveness on Books - From the beginning, I saw victims at both ends of that gun. America lost two of her sons that night. 'From Murder to Forgiveness is a wonderful book by an extraordinary man who is making a difference in children's lives. Azim Khamisa lost his son to senseless violence and, rather than lose himself in grief or turn to vengeance, committed himself to teaching nonviolence to children and communities. We can all learn from this very special man of peace and wisdom' -Marion Wright Edeleman, president of the Children's Defense Fund 'I have known many heroes in my life, men and women who have been acknowledged with the greatest of honors, from the Medal of Honor to the Nobel Prize. None stand taller than you; none have greater courage. You, my friend, are my hero' -Walter Anderson, editor of Parade Magazine 'What Azim Khamisa and Ples Felix are doing is tremendous. It's the kind of thing people have to do if this epidemic is ever going to end' -Gary Fields, writer for USA Today 'In a world of a million moving stories, I found their [Azim Khamisa and Ples Felix] alliance against youth violence to be one of the most compelling and deeply touching' -Chuck Stevenson, producer for 48 Hours (CBS) 'You have stirred the soul of the nation by your work. How can we repeat what you are doing in San Diego in other parts of the country? ' -Janet Reno, US Attorney General

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