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Forgive me, Father, thief begged during raid - National News -

forgiveness on Stories - A burglar blessed himself and begged for forgiveness while robbing an elderly priest and his housekeeper at knifepoint in a parochial house.

Msgr Michael Cooke, the parish priest of Belturbet, Co Cavan, said he and the housekeeper were still recovering after three men in their early to late 20s forced their way into the house in the town on Monday evening and demanded the weekend collection money.

The raiders, armed with a hammer and a knife, burst into the house while Msgr Cooke and the woman were having their tea at around 6.30pm.

"A knock came to the back door and when I went to answer it there were three men and they came walking in," said Msgr Cooke.

One of the raiders stood over them wielding a hammer while another "became very macho and said, 'We want the money, she'll be the first to get the blow with this hammer'," he told Northern Sound radio.

Despite the threats, the thug "kept saying, 'Father, forgive me' and blessing himself'," said Msgr Cooke, who invited the raider to have a cup of tea, which he declined, while the others searched the house for the church collection money.

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