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45 years later, survivor says ‘forgiveness sets us free’

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - Jordan Simmons III vividly remembers what has become known as the “Orangeburg Massacre,” but he refuses to be bitter despite being shot in the neck on Feb. 8, 1968.

He would rather spend his time urging peace and unity among future generations.

“What we must do as survivors, along with others concerned about our nation’s well-being, is throw our collective resources into preventing future occurrences even remotely comparable to the ‘Orangeburg Massacre,’” Simmons said Friday.

“Let us r

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Forgive me, just doing my duty

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - The hangman who carried-out the execution of Afzal Guru, convicted in the Parliament attack case, was brought from outside Delhi. As part of norms, the hangman while executing Afzal tendered his apology by saying that “he is performing his duty”.

Talking to this newspaper, Director General (Prisons) Tihar Jail, Vimla Mehra, said, “We called a hangman from outside Delhi”.

However, she refused to divulge more information. “He was hanged traditionally as other death convicts are hanged,” said

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Aaron Rodgers: Favre, Green Bay Packers should forgive and move on

forgiveness on Sports - Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is never one to mince words and when he talks, people listen – such was the case this past week when he stated on his ESPN Radio show that it’s time former quarterback Brett Favre, the Packers organization and their fans should forgive and move on.

Last week, Rodgers and Favre appeared together on stage at the NFL Honors program to announce the comeback player of the year award and it was Rodgers who was involved in helping make it happen.

“As t

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Key to forgiveness | Opinion

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - In this world of peacocks and poseurs, he stood out by not standing out. Quietly spoken, with a Belfast brogue softened by a childhood in south-east England, he drew little attention to himself. Which was, no doubt, why Patrick Magee could pass unnoticed as he toured the United Kingdom in 1978, planting 16 bombs in various cities and, then again, in 1984, when he blew up Brighton’s Grand Hotel during the Conservative party conference, killing five people.

Among his victims that night was Tor

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Wilson: Mercy, forgiveness in the movies and the gospel

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - Have you seen the new version of "Les Misérables?"

I have not, but I know the story. It follows several people in early 19th century France, including a man named Jean Valjean. Valjean is 25 years old when the story begins and is living with his sister and her seven children. He is a hard worker, willing to work virtually any job in order to provide for his sister and her children.

A severe winter makes work unavailable so Valjean is not able to buy food. In the middle of a cold night, Va

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Chris Brown and forgiveness in American culture

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - It should come as no surprise to anyone who takes even the occasional glance at the covers of the tabloids in line at the grocery store that R&B singer Chris Brown has found himself in court once again after breaking the terms of his parole. Brown reportedly did not complete a single hour of the community service he was sentenced to following his brutal attack on singer Rihanna, his girlfriend.

This comes two weeks after running away from the police after Brown and his entourage fought fell

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Boynton mother preaches forgiveness less than a week after her... |

forgiveness on Family - It has been less than a week since Victoria Flores Zavala last saw her youngest sons alive.

Police said the boys’ father, Isidro Zavala, strangled the boys last Saturday, telling his estranged wife she would be forced to suffer their loss. Then he killed himself.

But the Boynton Beach mother seems ready to forgive.

During Friday’s funeral services for Eduardo, 12, Marco, 11 and Isidro Zavala, 45, Victoria Zavala made no mention of the tragedy, choosing instead to remember the good thin

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The key to forgiveness is the refusal to seek revenge | Giles Fraser | UK news | The Guardian

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - Giles Fraser: Loose canon: The problem with our retributive model of justice is that it can easily serve to perpetuate violence and hatred

He was a short, plumpish academic-looking man in his 60s, with a neat beard and walking stick, clearly uncomfortable among the prawn canapes of a trendy Soho hotel. In this world of peacocks and poseurs, he stood out by not standing out. Quietly spoken, with a Belfast brogue softened by a childhood in East Anglia, he drew little attention to himself. Whic

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Is it time to give Chris Brown the forgiveness he demands? Hell no | Gigwise

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - At Gigwise we don't like Chris Brown very much. But this isn't simply because he beat Rihanna into a bloody pulp in 2009, turning the then-fledgling r&b singer into an international hate figure.

Neither do we dislike Chris Brown for apparently 'faking' the community service he was forced to serve after the incident. We don't dislike him for having a tattoo on his neck which bears a striking resemblance to a woman's beaten face. Our dislike isn't down to him dressing up as a Taliban fighter f

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Arrested for DUI, Helton asks for forgiveness

forgiveness on Sports - ASSOCIATED PRESS

DENVER — The Colorado Rockies and star first baseman Todd Helton are facing the harsh reality on the eve of his farewell season that the longtime face of the franchise now has a police mug shot.

The five-time All-Star was arrested about 2:30 a.m. Wednesday in the Denver suburb of Thornton and charged with drunken driving and careless driving.

In a statement released by the Rockies, Helton said he's embarrassed and apologized to his family, the team and the community.

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