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Widow of preacher murdered on Christmas Eve will forgive his killers - Telegraph

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - The widow of a lay preacher who was murdered on his way to a Christmas service has told his funeral service about her determination ''to turn aside from hatred, vengeance, unforgiveness and retaliation towards those who had killed him''.

Maureen Greaves told a packed St Saviour's Church, near her home in High Green, Sheffield about the love she shared with her husband, Alan - ''a truly beautiful man''.

Hundreds of people listened to her eulogy to her late husband not only in St Saviour'

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Anger and Forgiveness in Martin Moran’s All the Rage - The Brooklyn Rail

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - Rail: What kind of questions would you say interest you?

Moran: Questions like, what is forgiveness? Why do we hurt each other? What is reconciliation? How do we move on from things that cleave us? These are the questions I always seem to come back to in my work. I’m just exploring them on deeper and deeper levels.

Rail: And were there solo performers who’ve inspired you along the way?

Moran: Well, you.

Rail: Nice of you to say.

Moran: No, really. Your work inspired me tremendous

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Gunman in 2011 River Garden murder begs for forgiveness from victim’s mother

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - Rufus Bray, 22, begged the mother of 26-year-old Antoine Martin to find a way to forgive him as he pleaded guilty last week to fatally shooting her son during an argument while they rode in a car together in the 2100 block of Rousseau Street in May of 2011, according to a report by Claire Galofaro of the Times-Picayune. Bray received a 30-year-prison sentence, and Martin’s mother said she pitied him because her own son also had good qualities but was unable to resist getting caught up in a dang

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Koch and the Cuomos: A Tale of Feuds and Forgiveness

forgiveness on Politics - Andrew Cuomo is among the mourners attending Ed Koch’s funeral today in Manhattan, but the governor and his family didn’t always enjoy the best relationship with the former mayor.

Koch ran against Governor Cuomo’s father, Mario, twice. They first faced off when Koch made it to City Hall in the 1977 mayoral election. In 1982, Koch ran for governor and was defeated by the elder Mr. Cuomo. The 1977 campaign included an incident where posters alluding to the widespread rumors about Mr. Koch’s se

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Frank Ocean, preaching forgiveness, won't press charges against Chris Brown

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - Chris Brown, the combustible singer from Tappahannock, is off the hook for now.

Frank Ocean says he's not going to press charges against Brown for a recent brawl over a parking space at a recording studio in Hollywood. Says Ocean: "Forgiveness, however trite, is wisdom."

Both men are scheduled to perform at the Grammy Awards next weekend at Staples Center in L.A. Here's hoping they both take limos in order to avoid another messy scrap over a parking spot.

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