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Restorative Justice Is Not Forgiveness

forgiveness on Stories - Restorative justice has been receiving a lot of attention lately, due to Paul Tullis's January 4 New York Times Magazine article, "Can Forgiveness Play a Role in Criminal Justice?"

This story about a restorative justice conference following the murder of a young woman by her boyfriend was also covered on the January 5 episode of the Today Show, "Parents who forgave their daughter's killer: It 'frees us.'"

Both the Times and the Today stories do their audience a disservice by dwelling on f

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Pasadena arson victim: 'I'm not quite willing to forgive'

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - S. Nicholas Daugherty wipes soot from a bottle of embalming fluid and says the arson fire that burned his Pasadena office could have been worse.

Cases of formaldehyde, bleaching agents and chemical preservatives could have exploded along Mountain Road.

He fears that was the plan of whomever set fire to the embalming room of his funeral home.

“Whoever did this is not right,” he said. “I don’t hate them — I don’t want to carry that burden. But I’m not quite willing to forgive.”


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Forgive me, Father, thief begged during raid - National News -

forgiveness on Stories - A burglar blessed himself and begged for forgiveness while robbing an elderly priest and his housekeeper at knifepoint in a parochial house.

Msgr Michael Cooke, the parish priest of Belturbet, Co Cavan, said he and the housekeeper were still recovering after three men in their early to late 20s forced their way into the house in the town on Monday evening and demanded the weekend collection money.

The raiders, armed with a hammer and a knife, burst into the house while Msgr Cooke and the

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Catholic Priests In Mexico Encourage Country To 'Forgive' Narco Killers : The Two-Way : NPR

forgiveness on Stories - A group of priests in Mexico are delivering a controversial message: Mexicans should forgive their brothers and sisters, even those involved in the drug trade who may have killed their family members.

The message was delivered during a Sunday homily in Mexico City, but it was also delivered in a dramatic video making the rounds on the Internet.

The short film is called "Hermano Narco" and it tells the story of a 13-year-old girl whose parents are massacred by a drug gang. To add insult to

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New Orleans Saints fans unlikely to forgive Roger Goodell

forgiveness on Sports - New Orleans Saints fans unlikely to forgive Roger Goodell

Sean Payton wants Saints fans and the city of New Orleans to provide a “gracious” environment when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell comes to visit next week.

And I want to visit Bourbon Street and swill Hurricanes at Pat O’Brien’s all night while waking up hangover-free.

Neither of these things is going to happen.

Just like chugging water and taking aspirin before bed after a bender, the NFL has tried to minimize the headach

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Man doubts he can ever forgive himself for younger brother's death

forgiveness on Stories - SALT LAKE CITY — On that night, before it became the dreadful night that haunts Eric Charlton's dreams and most of his waking minutes, he was trying to dissuade his younger brother from becoming an infantryman in the Marine Corps.

"I just really wanted him to be safe," Charlton said. "That was the whole thing. I cared for the kid so much, I just wanted him to be safe."

Eric Charlton could never have imagined that his baby brother Cameron — who idolized him and wanted to be a Marine becaus

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Bolshoi Ballet’s artistic director says ‘I forgive all the people’ behind brutal acid attack that may leave him blind

forgiveness on Stories - Bolshoi Ballet’s artistic director says ‘I forgive all the people’ behind brutal acid attack that may leave him blind

Sergei Filling was splashed in the face earlier this month with sulfuric acid. The 42-year-old suffered severe injuries to his face and eyes.

The artistic director of Russia's Bolshoi Ballet says the attacker who splashed acid in his face was probably driven by ambition or resentment but that he has forgiven them.

His head shaven and a bandage around his neck, Sergei Fil

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Naseem Rakha: Forgiveness

forgiveness on Stories -

In April 2010, the Fetzer Institute hosted a group of writers at our private retreat center. Poets, novelists, teachers, musicians, and artists; this engaging group came together to share their views on love, forgiveness, compassion, and the creative spirit.

Naseem Rakha describes what drew her towards the subject of forgiveness and how important it was for her to witness the effects firsthand.

Uganda: The Challenge of Forgiveness

forgiveness on Stories - In dealing with the aftermath of war crimes by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), many people of Uganda are choosing a path of reconciliation as they welcome back child soldiers and LRA officers into their villages. “Uganda: The Challenge of Forgiveness” chronicles religious leaders, elders, and parents who are exercising remarkable leadership and courage in choosing to forgive as they seek to rebuild their communities.

Welcome Back Deano, All Sins Forgiven, If Not Forgotten

forgiveness on Stories - So Dean Richards is back after a three-year exile from the game for his major part in the Bloodgate scandal that rocked English domestic rugby.

The former Leicester and England number eight, who became the most successful Director of Rugby in the history of the professional game when he led the Tigers to four successive Premiership titles and back to back Heineken Cup triumphs, undid much of his good work by being the leading figure behind the fake blood scandal that created a dark cloud ov