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'I forgive him': Mother of schoolboy, 16, killed by a cricket ball thrown by friend in playground does not bear a grudge

forgiveness on Stories - Kyle Rees, 16, was killed during a school lunch break when the ball struck him as he walked across the playground.

His mum Tanya Cooper, 42, described the incident at Portchester School in Bournemouth, Dorset, as a ‘tragic accident’.

At the funeral he read a family tribute that stated: ‘Our hearts go out to Kyle’s friend and his family, he needs to know that not for one second would Kyle or any of his family want him to feel responsible for this tragic accident.

Tragic: Kyle Rees was f

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Forgiveness key to well-being Jakes writes

forgiveness on Stories - Bishop T.D. Jakes is tired of the incivility and unrelenting hostility he sees in the world. Daily he hears from people who are stressed out and angry, sometimes after years of harboring negative feelings about incidents in which they were wronged. Forgive So You Can Be Forgiven has been out just a week but is already causing a stir. Forgiveness gives peace inside the individual and, to me, that commodity is priceless.

Q: So is forgiveness, then, really a tool for personal growth?


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Forgive me! - Construction CEO

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - The CEO of one of the construction companies implicated in collusion on Thursday ask South Africans for forgiveness.

The Competition Tribunal wrapped up a two-day hearing and started assessing the R1.4 billion settlement agreement reached by 15 firms and the Competition Commission.

The commission’s original probe uncovered widespread anti-competitive behavior in the industry, including tender-rigging in projects worth more than R47 billion.

The projects included the construction of the

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Sexual abuse survivor finds peace in forgiveness

forgiveness on Family - Heck was 6 years old when she said she was sexually abused by her father and at 8 by her uncle. Although she told her mother immediately about the abuse by her uncle, she kept the secret of what her father was doing to her until she was 14.

Her parents had divorced when Heck turned 10 and were living in different homes. However, during visitations with her dad the abuse continued. It wasn't until she began acting out in school, physically fighting with other children, that Heck finally told

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Letter of forgiveness moves Caroline court

forgiveness on Love - It had more sentimental value to Grace and Caleb Donnelly than anything else in the world—besides the Caroline County couple’s wedding rings.

It was a Cartier love bracelet that she bought in her hometown of Manilla, the capital of the Philippines.

She couldn’t really afford it, but Grace wanted Caleb, who served in the Marines, to have something that represented her love for him.

The $9,500 bracelet had an engraved message: “You will always be in my heart wherever you go. I love you s

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Hindus seek forgiveness at Ganges & Yamuyna rivers

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - ALLAHABAD, India – It’s hard to fathom that people from all over India and the world come to bathe where the Ganges and Yamuna meet. The confluence of the two rivers is muddy and gray, laden with diseases and parasites.

Yet, this spot is considered holy – or at least it is during the Kumbh Mela festival in the city of Allahabad.

Hindus believe that bathing in the water cleanses their sins.

According to Hindu myths, the gods and the demons once fought over the nectar of life, spilling s

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Rwandan genocide survivor spreads forgiveness message in Shreveport

forgiveness on Stories - The Cathedral of St. John Berchmans Church in Shreveport is hosting a Roman Catholic priest from Rwanda who will speak about forgiveness during weekend events. Rev. Ubald Rugirangoga lost 80 family members to Rwanda’s ethnic strife, beginning in 1963 with his father’s murder. He says more than 45,000 of his parishioners were killed in the genocide. Today, Rugirangoga is invited to speak around the world about how he has been able to forgive the killers and find inner peace.

“People think it’

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Reeva Steenkamp family will forgive Pistorius if her death was unintentional

forgiveness on Sports - The father of slain South African model Reeva Steenkamp said Oscar Pistorius will have to live with his conscience if he is lying about how he shot his lover.

Olympic athlete Pistorius, who runs on prosthetic blades, claimed during a bail hearing last week that he gunned down Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day after mistaking her for an intruder.

“There are only two people who really know what happened, and that’s Oscar Pistorius and the Lord,” the victim’s dad, Barry Steenkamp, told South Afri

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Bishop Gandiya: "Forgiveness biggest challenge for Zimbabwe Anglicans"

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - Anglican Bishop of Harare the Rt Revd Chad Gandiya has said that forgiveness still remains the biggest challenge for Christians in his diocese after years of "living in exile”.

Bishop Gandiya said: “People are very happy to have returned to their churches but they are still hurting. The church needs to find new ways of teaching on healing and forgiveness.”

The Bishop was referring to the pain suffered after breakaway bishop Dr. Nobert Kunonga and his supporters grabbed church properties i

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Forgiveness Friday: Forgiveness Speaks For Itself | Land of a Thousand Hills

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - Forgiveness Wins campaign means so much more than a cool slogan on a coffee mug or a t-shirt. It represents the greatest reality that exists today, the best news that has ever been shared. Forgiveness really does win. From the forgiveness that I’ve experienced in my own life, to the forgiveness that we have seen demonstrated through the stories of our coffee farmers, forgiveness is alive and well. These farmers have witnessed and fought through the worst genocide since the Holocaust and are cho

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