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A Key to Peace: Forgiveness

forgiveness on Resources - If we truly want to live a happier life, we must dig deep and learn to forgive. Forgiveness is the most precious treasure that we can give ourselves. When we are willing to forgive, we are guaranteed a life of peace, gratitude, wisdom, expansion and growth. If not, we are destined to a life of blame, resentment, pain, self-pity, guilt and anger.

Sarah created vision boards, recited affirmations and hung out with the “right” people in the hope of creating a love-filled life. Yet, as long as she continued criticizing herself for her own faults and mistakes, she was her worst enemy. Sarah was actually keeping herself from the life she so desired.

To be happy, forgiveness begins with ourselves first. Each time we beat ourselves up for the past, for mistakes or bad choices that we have made, we stay trapped in a shell of toxic shame and self–abuse.

Somehow we think we deserve this. Maybe we were told that we were bad as children by a parent or a teacher and part of us believes this. We believe that punishing ourselves will make us a better person or a more humble person. But this lie will never make us a better person. It will only keep us prisoner to the shame that we continue to carry.

If what we desire is a love-filled life, we must learn to love ourselves first. This can only happen with forgiveness. One of my favorite spiritual teachers, Debbie Ford, says,
“Although forgiveness often looks like a generous gift we are giving to someone else, it is ultimately an act of self-love and a gift we give to ourselves.”

Our resentments hold onto us like a ball and chain, keeping us prisoner to our anger and to the person that we are so angry toward. We think we will show them by continuing to make them suffer, but we are the ones who are truly suffering!

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