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A New Year's Resolution for More Love in Your Life ~ Forgiveness

forgiveness on Resources - A change of heart changes all things

Have you ever said to yourself, or out loud, how angry, hurt, or betrayed you have felt (or feel) about the way you were treated in past relationships, or perhaps in the one you are currently in? Do talk to your friends about all the things that are not right in your relationship with your husband, or what was wrong with your ex? Are you now, or have you ever found yourself holding him, or others responsible for your situation, or the way it made you feel? If you are, have you noticed how holding on to negative emotions about yourself, someone else, or anything for that matter, influences how you feel emotionally, physically and perhaps spiritually?

Negative emotions are an essential part of life, giving you invaluable information about how you are feeling relative to what you desire for yourself, and in your relationship with others. Without this disparity, we would never know what we truly want, or want to make better.

Forgiveness is an act of forgiving the self, regardless who was less than kind. For example:

When you forgive yourself: you are forgiving yourself for the mistakes you made and acknowledging that these acts of unkindness were expressions of aspects of your personality that need healing (especially if you do not want to re-experience whatever it is again); they do not redefine the truth of who you are. Only you can do that.

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