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Acceptance, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation: Part One | Angst in Anxiety

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Perhaps the only thing harder than accepting that betrayal happened and healing from that betrayal is finding the courage to forgive others (or yourself) and move on. Moving on is impossible without making peace–peace with the person who betrayed you, peace with yourself, peace with the circumstance that led to the act, and peace with time. Your self-esteem is dependent on your ability to forgive or accept and to let go.

There is an old saying that you probably have heard for years and years, “Forgive and Forget.” For many people, it works better to apply the principle of “accept and move on.” We don’t want to forget, because the past, including the pain of the past, is part of our history, It would be like tearing out pages in a history book because we didn’t like what those pages said. We don’t want to forget; we do want to be able to move on.

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