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Forgiveness - How do we heal the separation between the mind and The Mind?

forgiveness on Resources - Spirit really has nothing to do with this healing process. Spirit sees no separation of any kind. Spirit, being Light, sees only Itself and knows only of Itself.

Separation is a denial of Light, it is an illusion of darkness.

When Spirit comes upon darkness, it merely shines it away, never having noticed it at all for it was never really there. There was no war between the Light of Spirit and the illusion of darkness, there was and is no battle and there was and is no victor.

The Light of Spirit has shined the illusion of darkness away and the darkness is seen no more.

This process may be called a ‘healing’ or it may be called a ‘correction’ or it may be called a ‘forgiveness’.

We will use the term ‘forgiveness’ because it is probably one of the most misunderstood terms floating around in our culture and our consciousness.

Forgiveness is one of the most compassionate things that we can do. It is greatly misunderstood and because of this it is rarely given in the truest sense of the word.

We tend to think of forgiveness as an act of kindness that we choose to give to some people who seem to deserve it, yet withhold this gift from others who seem un-deserving and un-repentant. This gives us a significant sense of power.

Forgiveness actually has nothing whatsoever to do with other people. Forgiveness has everything to do with the person giving forgiveness. It is a decision that we make for ourselves.

In the physical world, people may do bad things to us, unforgivable things. And yet there seems to be pressure upon us to forgive them for their embarrassing, annoying, hurtful or vengeful actions that were directed against us. We say it takes a big person to forgive. And so we seem compelled to dole out our forgiveness in tiny bits and pieces to those we think deserve it.

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