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Letter: The nature of forgiveness

forgiveness on Resources - After the commemoration of Pearl Harbor a couple of months ago, I noticed a few letters detailing the absurdity of politicians and individuals driving around in Japanese and German automobiles.

These letters gave me an uplift of spirit, as I have similar sentiments about the wrongdoing of buying goods manufactured in regions we have been at war with.

Alas, so recently I read a letter about how we must move on and how Japanese automakers are actually providing American manufacturing jobs — I think I need to remind everyone that this is no excuse! We move regressively once we start forgiving areas we have been at war with.

While not buying German and Japanese products is a good start, I have taken this philosophy to its next logical step by forbidding myself to buy anything that comes out of New York and other northern states. Yes this means I can't fly internationally out of John F. Kennedy International Airport, and I can't own stock traded on the N.Y. Stock Exchange.

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