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Forgiveness is necessary ingredient for a successful marriage

forgiveness on Articles - “A happy marriage is a union of two good forgivers,” said Dr. Frank Finchman, co-author of a report titled “Forgiveness and Relationship Satisfaction” (2011 Journal of Family Psychology, 25, 551-559). He continued, “Forgiveness is a process, not an event.”

He also said that failing to forgive carries a heavy burden that can actually shorten our lives, and if you want to live a long and fulfilling life, you will want to make forgiveness a way of life.

All people have been victimized and ha

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4 Ways to Teach Kids How to Forgive

forgiveness on Articles - Faced with such fury, parents may wonder how they'll ever teach their children to forgive and forget. It's an important lesson: "New studies show that there are concrete and long-lasting benefits to forgiving, including reduced stress, improved physical health, and better relationships," says Richard Fitzgibbons, M.D., a Philadelphia-area psychiatrist.

By age 5 or 6, most children are able to imagine what other people are feeling, which is essential to pardoning them. You can encourage this

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71 pc men forgive cheating spouses

forgiveness on Articles - Men are more forgiving than expected when it comes to infidelity, a new online survey has revealed.

The survey, conducted by the site Survive Her Affair, polled 1,500 men who had been cheated on and found that more than 71 percent of the men still said that they loved their wife after the affair, the Huffington Post reported.

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Forgiveness vs. getting even

forgiveness on Articles - Society today doesn’t really appreciate the concept of forgiveness. In fact, you might say that it is a lost art. Our culture today exalts vengeance. It exalts payback. It even exalts violence. Many people operate by the adage, “Don’t get mad; just get even.”

I once saw a bumper sticker on a car that said, “If you love someone, set them free. If they are yours, they will come back to you. If they don’t come back, hunt them down and kill them.” That is not the kind of person you would want to

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How to Forgive - How to Forgive Those Who Have Hurt You

forgive on Articles - Learning how to forgive others is one of the most unnatural duties in the Christian life.

It goes against our human nature. Forgiving is a supernatural act that Jesus Christ was capable of, but when we are hurt by someone, we want to hold a grudge. We want justice. Sadly, we don't trust God with that.

There is a secret to successfully living the Christian life, however, and that same secret applies when we're struggling with how to forgive.

How to Forgive: Understanding Our Worth


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The Act of Forgiveness

forgiveness on Articles - Of all the religions, it is probably Christianity that emphasizes forgiveness more than any other. I think Jesus got the ball rolling in Mathew 5:38, when he told the people, "You have learned how it was said: Eye for eye and tooth for tooth. But I say unto you: offer the wicked man no resistance."

The Buddhists teach forgiveness by way of compassion. People who hurt others are themselves hurting; practicing Buddhists learn to turn their pain or anger into empathy and compassion. The act of

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Without Forgiveness | The 5 Love Languages

forgiveness on Articles - There are no healthy relationships without forgiveness. From time to time all of us do and say things that hurt those we love. Such behavior calls for an apology—and apologies call for forgiveness. Now, let’s be honest, forgiveness does not come easily. The husband who gambles away the money they had saved for a new car cannot expect his wife to be happy. Nor should she expect herself to simply accept his behavior and move on. No, forgiveness is the response to genuine repentance. God does not

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How to Teach a Child Forgiveness | World of Psychology

forgiveness on Articles - Children are often asked to forgive: forgive his sibling for taking their toy; forgive Johnny for pulling her hair at recess; forgive Mom for being late.

When you ask your child to forgive — to say “okay” when someone has said they are “sorry” — does your child really understand what that means? Did they let go of the issue or are they repeating what you are telling them to say?

It is important for children to understand compassion, loving-kindness, and forgiveness. Teaching your child to

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forgive on Music - "I Forgive You"

I forgive you, I forgive me

Now when do I start to feel again?

I forgive you, I forgive me

Now when do I start to feel again?

'Cause the lights are on

But I'm never home

But I'll be back with a brand new attitude

'Cause I forgive you


I forgive you

We were just a couple of kids

Trying to figure out how to live doing it our way

No shame, no blame

'Cause the damage is done

And, and I forgive you

I forgive you

We were busy living a dream

Never noti

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Helping others | This Emotional Life

forgiveness on Resources -

Helping others

The only way that people can experience the benefits of forgiveness is to make the intensely personal journey themselves and freely choose to forgive. Pressuring or obligating people to forgive may do far more harm than good. A more positive approach can be taken by simply sharing your personal testimony about the value of forgiveness in your life, as well as your concern that a friend is suffering needlessly and forgiveness may help. Faith traditions consider forgiveness a

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