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Pagosa Springs Daily News: We Live, Love, and Forgive

forgiveness on Resources - We’ve all seen the roadside crosses designating a life lost. Each has a story behind it; a mother who lost that son, a husband losing a wife, children who lost their parents. How could they know that day was the last time they’d see them? Those left behind would love to have the day to “do-over” and say “I love you” just one more time.

So what do we do when tragedy appears?

A woman receives the report that the cancer has spread. There is short amount of time left to live. She asks herself why she waited to really live? Now she has lost that opportunity. Lost time cannot be reclaimed.

So what do we do when tragedy appears?

Economic times are tough in rural towns and a man loses his job of ten years. He wonders how he will feed his family? He loves them more than his own life. And now he feels he must watch them suffer due to his inability to provide. Is it time for life to end?

So what do we do when tragedy appears?

Many (maybe you?) are waking up to another “dark” morning. The weather outside (or simply within you) is stormy and depressing. You question the very reason for living. But what would it take for the clouds to break and for us to realize each day is a gift from God?

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