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forgive on Music - I could try to say I’m sorry

But that won’t be quite enough

To let you know the pain that I feel

And it just won’t let up

It feels like the sky is falling

And the clouds are closing in

Where did I lose control

When did it all begin

chorus: Please forgive my heart

It’s not that the problem

Lies anywhere in there

I’m a liar I’m in a dream

Goin’ my own way

Nothing to rely on

The dawn is a silent witness

To the blindness of the night

And we see our reflection so

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Forgiveness restored Everly harmony

forgiven on Music - It grieves me to write for this Sunday morning that Phil and Don Everly are no longer a duo, at least here on terra firma.

On Friday, Phil passed in California at age 74 from obstructive pulmonary disease, leaving behind a musical legacy that is so entwined with his older brother it is as if both are now gone from our midst.

For me, Phil and Don Everly’s blend of voices was a harmonic convergence of the sacred and the secular. There is no way to prove this, but I believe the mysteries of

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GAC Album Review: Courtney Jaye's Love and Forgiveness

forgive on Music - Nashville based singer/songwriter Courtney Jaye’s third full-length album, Love and Forgiveness, wraps bruised experience in an optimistic sheen for a message that new beginnings are always possible. Recorded in Los Angeles with producer Mike Wrucke (Miranda Lambert, David Nail), Love and Forgiveness recalls the laid-back pop vibe of 1970s California country heard in artists like Neil Young and The Eagles with a decidedly alternative slant.

Courtney’s angelic, high plains vocal and its stead

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forgive on Music - "I Forgive You"

I forgive you, I forgive me

Now when do I start to feel again?

I forgive you, I forgive me

Now when do I start to feel again?

'Cause the lights are on

But I'm never home

But I'll be back with a brand new attitude

'Cause I forgive you


I forgive you

We were just a couple of kids

Trying to figure out how to live doing it our way

No shame, no blame

'Cause the damage is done

And, and I forgive you

I forgive you

We were busy living a dream

Never noti

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forgiveness on Music - I feel the warmth of morning light

but im still cold inside

the touch cant take the loneliness away

with you sleepin in my arms

wanna keep you safe from harm

but I cant protect our love from what my heart has to say

though you still look the other way

I cant go on pretending one more day

(Chorus) forgive me

cause I never meant to hurt you

I always believed in love

and I only wish that it was enough

forgive me

cause I didn’t wanna say it

but I cant live a lie

though it breaks my

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forgiveness on Music - Vs.1: Like many waterfalls

I cry Like something deep inside has died

Oh the hurt, the guilt, the pain

To know I broke your heart again

Like a hurricane that blows

A thunderstorm inside my soul

So can you speak unto the wind

And renew my life again


Forgive me I have sinned

I am guilty of the nails

that pierced your hands

Oh, I'm crying out, purify

Rid me of this guiltiness

I feel inside

I'm begging please Forgive me


I can't describe what's in my

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forgiveness on Music - Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us

Although them again we will never, never, never trust

Dem noh know weh dem do, dig out yuh yei while dem sticking like glue,

Fling, skin, grin while dem plotting fah you,

True, Ah Who???

Forgive them father for they know not what they do

Forgive them father for they know not what they do

Beware the false motives of others

Be careful of those who pretend to be brothers

And you never suppose it's those who are c

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