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‘Heaven’s Rain’: painful road to forgiveness

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - When Brooks Douglass awoke in ICU after enduring a gunshot wound, the last thing on the mind of the 16-year-old preacher’s son was forgiveness.

After all, the two men who shot Douglass also hogtied his family at gunpoint, raped his sister Leslie, who was 12, and killed his parents Richard and Marilyn.

But after several decades and career changes, Douglass decided to share his journey to forgiveness by creating a movie, “Heaven’s Rain,” telling his story of faith and finding peace in the m

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Can we forgive Paula Deen?

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - Once a racist, always a racist? Will bigots always be bigots?

Or can people truly evolve over time for the better? And if they do, should we applaud their metamorphosis and welcome them back?

The easy answer -- as we are seeing with Paula Deen -- is to quickly label the person a racist for past insensitive remarks and cast her out to the fringes of society. But that's not the best answer for our nation.

I say this as a person who been called racist slurs on numerous occasions. I'm of

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Fathers and Forgiveness

forgiveness on Family - Father’s Day for them might be less about celebration than about sadness and frustration, if not anger. I frequently meet children on assignment in troubled areas who have been abandoned by fathers. They are being raised by a single parent, extended family, or, most concerning, the street. Sometimes children fare well. Often, I can see loneliness or anger on their faces before they are even old enough to identify the emotion.

My mother's father passed away when she was a child. A memory th

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Nelson Mandela’s Rare Spirit of Forgiveness is SA’s Peace Today

forgiveness on Politics - Nadia Bilchik is a CNN editorial producer. In the piece below, she says the peace in South Africa today comes from Nelson Mandela’s rare spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation. Daily Times of Nigeria culled the material from CNN.

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1964, the year Martin Luther King Jr. was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, the Civil Rights Act was passed in the United States, and Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life in prison.

Mine was a relatively idyllic childho

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A Perspective on Forgiveness

forgiveness on Articles - I get emails with queries along the lines of – “how do I learn to forgive”, “I did xyz in the past, how can forgive myself”, “he/she did xyz to me in the past, I am not able to forgive this person, but I want to, how do I do it?”, “I feel a strong need for revenge, how can I let go of this hatred and forgive this person”, basically the question is about how can I practice forgiveness, towards myself and others. Also, most of the people, who ask this question, have been trying to forgive for a l

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Jonah Lehrer's Sick, Cynical Quest For Forgiveness Gets A Book Deal

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - If you don’t go away, they’ll never miss you, the saying goes. It’s hard to imagine that anyone has missed Jonah Lehrer much in the 10 brief months since his career flamed out over revelations that he’d made up quotes, plagiarized from other writers and recycled his own work.

As if that weren’t already a compressed timeframe for a comeback, there was his ill advised — and handsomely compensated — speech before the Knight Foundation in February to remind us all that he still exists and retain

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Simple Ways To Forgive Your Partner

forgiveness on Articles - It is not an easy task to forgive your partner for his or her faults. But who said that building happy relationships will be easy. It is a difficult job to be in a relationship and be happy despite all odds. But the key to your happiness depends on whether or not you can forgive your partner. Forgiving is a virtue that is totally dependent on you. It has nothing to do with your partner's mistake.

That is why, if you want to build happy relationships then you must learn to forgive your partn

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Rio Mayor Paes Begs Forgiveness After Roughing Up Musician

forgiveness on Politics - The mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes, apologized today after a physical altercation with a musician in a restaurant.

Paes was dining at a restaurant located in the leafy Jardim Botanico neighborhood this weekend when Bernardo Botkay, an author and musician known as Botika, began hurling insults including “turd” and “bum” at him.

Botkay alleges that Paes approached him and punched him in the face, according to his Facebook page. Paes said the insults resulted in an argument and an ens

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Grieving woman offers forgiveness at man's sentencing

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - A grieving nurse moved a courtroom to tears as she delivered a powerful statement of the power of forgiveness to transform hate into healing.

Hera Edwards' partner of 10 years and the father of her three girls, Ricki Cobb, died when he was hit by a jackknifing trailer towed by Donald Stewart Wills, 64, near Greytown, on November 5, 2011.

Yesterday's sentencing hearing in the Masterton District Court followed a restorative justice process.

The victim impact statement that Edwards read o

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When Last Did You Forgive Someone?

forgiveness on Articles - And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins. (Mark 11: 25)

I WAS with a group of about eight young men and women, recently. They had been experiencing some internal wrangling within their fold. Each had a different story to tell on why things had not been working among them. Each tried to justify his or her actions, deep sense of anger and misgiving. None wanted to take responsibility for obvious l

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