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Queen uses Christmas Day speech to promote reconciliation and forgiveness

kalantri on Politics - The Queen used her Christmas Day broadcast to call for reconciliation between the people of Scotland in the wake of the divisive independence referendum.

In her annual address to the nation, she said that while many felt "great relief" at the ‘No’ vote, many voters still felt a sense of “great disappointment” and that bridging those differences would “take time”.

The Queen also drew on her trip to Northern Ireland, her visit to see the ceramic poppies at the Tower of London and the 1914 Christmas truce during the First World War as she spoke about the “peaceful end to conflict”.

And she spoke with personal conviction about her faith and how Christ's example taught her to "respect and value all people of whatever faith or none".

The Queen began by talking about a sculpture by Josefina de Vasconcellos - in the ruins of the old Coventry Cathedral - of a man and woman embracing called ‘Reconciliation’, the theme of her Christmas broadcast.

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