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Mother of slain woman wants to forgive attacker - Nation | The Star Online

forgiveness on Family - BUKIT MERTAJAM: The mother of a young woman who was stabbed to death on Valentine's Day at her home in Alma, near here, is ready to forgive her attacker.

Siew Yeow Kim, in her 50s, conveyed this to Bukit Mertajam MP Chong Eng, who was present at the woman's home in Taman Hwa Seng where a Taoist priest conducted the final rites on Tan Ching Chin, yesterday.

“She (the mother) wants to forgive him (the assailant) and wants the police to release him,” Chong said.

Siew was too distraught to

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From Murder to Forgiveness: Azim Khamisa: 9781452542935

forgiveness on Books - From the beginning, I saw victims at both ends of that gun. America lost two of her sons that night. 'From Murder to Forgiveness is a wonderful book by an extraordinary man who is making a difference in children's lives. Azim Khamisa lost his son to senseless violence and, rather than lose himself in grief or turn to vengeance, committed himself to teaching nonviolence to children and communities. We can all learn from this very special man of peace and wisdom' -Marion Wright Edeleman, presiden

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Widow of preacher murdered on Christmas Eve will forgive his killers - Telegraph

forgiveness on Miscellaneous - The widow of a lay preacher who was murdered on his way to a Christmas service has told his funeral service about her determination ''to turn aside from hatred, vengeance, unforgiveness and retaliation towards those who had killed him''.

Maureen Greaves told a packed St Saviour's Church, near her home in High Green, Sheffield about the love she shared with her husband, Alan - ''a truly beautiful man''.

Hundreds of people listened to her eulogy to her late husband not only in St Saviour'

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