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Would You Forgive a Man Who Violently Murdered Your Loved One? This Woman Did (See the Incredible Story)

forgiveness on Videos - Would you be able to forgive a man who murdered your mother, father, son or daughter? This chilling question, though unpleasant, is one that countless families are faced with on a daily basis.

Many times, forgiveness is easier said than done. It’s often simpler to implore others to have mercy on those who have wronged them than it is to do the same when we face challenges and pain in our own lives. Now, gmc TV, a television network focused upon positive and uplifting music and entertainment, is taking on this complicated dynamic on in its new series “I Forgive You.”

A description of the moving program explains, in detail, its intended purpose:

An emotional, uplifting and compelling one-hour documentary series which allows individuals the opportunity to forgive someone who has hurt them or a loved one. Whether the affliction is physical or emotional – the murder of a family member, an estranged parent, or sibling, infidelity, or bullying – the series brings two parties together to try and facilitate healing, overcome hatred, anger and revenge from real-life traumatizing events. Guided with mediation and healing support from educator and therapist Angie Richey, each story will showcase the ‘forgiver’ and the ‘receiver’ of the forgiveness before, during and after an act of forgiveness.

The stories will certainly bring tears to the eyes of a great many viewers, as they show the difficult path that sometimes leads to forgiveness, while also highlighting the life-altering change that “letting go” can provide. Consider Mary Johnson’s story. Her only child, Laramiun Byrd, 20, was murdered in 1993 by 16-year-old Oshea Israel, a young boy who was involved with drugs and gangs.

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